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Are you on a vacat​​ion and want to take back a bundle of beautiful travel memories?

Are you looking forward to freeze in time the happy moments of your growing up child? 

Are you a proud pet parent and want to treasure those candid moods of your loving pet?

If your answer is 'Yes' to any of the above than book an appointment today for a pre-photoshoot meet. 

Click on your photography requirement below and fill in the introduction form along with your contact details. I will be happy to meet and plan your photoshoot ahead.

Ideal for guided photo tours and vacation travel escapades.

Half day - Rs. 5000 / $ 65

Full day - Rs. 9000 / $ 120


Ideal for 1 yr old cake smash, family portraits and child's candid moments.

Half day - Rs. 8000 / $ 106

Full day - Rs. 15000 / $ 200


Ideal for pet portraits and candid playful moments with them.

Half day - Rs. 8000 / $ 106

Full day - Rs. 15000 / $ 200

with pets
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